Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sweetest Perfume Ever

I love perfume to bits and I have so many different scents (I almost said flavours, but that wouldn't be right hey?). I feel like everyone has a particular scent and yet I don't as of yet... and i'm not sure I want to? Because I am having way too much fun trying out all the different ones that take my fancy than to stick with just ONE. Eventually I'm sure i'll settle down, but for now it's the massive perfume pond for me! :D

The perfume in particular I want to tell (more like gush) you about today is that of MOR Lychee Flower.

When I first smelt this Eau de Toilette it was like love at first sight I swear. It smells like all things spring and summer and sweet. The packaging is to die for don't you think? A tassel and everything! It lasts all day with just two squirts!

MOR are truly masters at creating splendid scents. If you want to check this out, click here. 

xo WishingsofaPrincess 

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